Monday, January 16, 2012

Reasons 8-14

In my first post, I mentioned that I met my husband when I was 11 years old.  A couple of people took note of that fact so I thought I would elaborate just a bit.  My husband and I met on the first day I transferred to the Christian School he attended for many years.  He later shared with me his first thought when he saw me: "Finally, there is a pretty girl at this school."  However, it wasn't love at first sight.  For most of our seventh grade year, Jason, who I refer to as Jay, made it his mission in life to irritate me.  He was quite successful.  Once, he volunteered for hot lunch just because it was my day to work hot lunch and when it was time to take out the trash...he followed me to the dumpster where he managed to help me drop my trash can into the dumpster and then told me to climb in and get it...of course I made him retrieve my trash can.  Did I mention he is a real joker?  I wasn't as amused by it back then.  I suppose I had to acquire a taste for his humor, which is now one of things I love most about him.

By the end of the year, I had a crush as well and Jay became my "boyfriend."  My father caught us kissing on the street corner once on the way home from school.  I was 12 by then, a real  I would lock my kid up if I caught her kissing a boy at 12.  Our two week relationship came to an end after I realized that he just was not mature enough for me.  Then began our lifelong friendship.  

I'll share more of the story next week.

So the next 7 reasons I love my husband include:

8.  This week, I took a picture of my husband on Saturday, his day off, and posted it on FB.  It was a picture of him sitting on the floor in our room and our three youngest, including 9 month old twins, climbed up into his arms.  He is patient and attentive.

9.  He loves to serve the Lord through playing piano on our church worship band and cultivating relationships with other members of the worship team.  This service and these relationships cause him to grow.

10.  He NEVER watches sports (well, maybe an occasional UFC match...but rare).

11.  He is ALWAYS willing to go shopping:-)  The grocery store, the mall, pretty much wherever I want to go other than baby/kid clothing stores.

12.  He is not a couch potato or homebody...he likes to be on the move.

13.  He does all the yard work...he always has.  He never asks me to help, other than to watch the kiddos while he does it.  I never offer...I hate yard work.

14.  He challenges me to go outside my comfort zone.  Example one: all my life I refused to go on several of the rides at Disneyland including Pirates of the Caribbean and all the mountain roller coasters.  He refused to coddle that kind of behavior and I now love all those rides...well, except one that he lets me get away with since I tried it over and over and never got used to it.  Example two:  since being married to him, I now eat many foods I refused to even try most of my life.  When we were first married, I used to mostly order grilled cheese when went to a restaurant...that is not the case now.


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  1. I loved reading about how you met your husband! My husband doesn't watch sports either! I find it such a blessing, however I do get stuck watching shows about cars, but that I can handle a little bit better!