Friday, January 27, 2012

Reasons 15-28

So, after I broke off our two week relationship, the school year came to a close and we kept in touch over summer.  We actually were on an off again 3 more times that summer, always in 2 week intervals.  I could handle him two weeks at a time and that was about it.  Late in the summer, after we were officially done "dating" as we called it back then (even though we had no money or way to go anywhere together other than school or church), we both took a trip to San Diego with the church youth group.  On that trip we took a very long memorable walk on the beach and talked about how we would remain friends.  If you were to ask my husband about that San Diego trip today, and ask him what he remembered about it, I am certain he would bring up that walk on the beach.  It is something neither of us ever forgot.

Okay, I am a little behind so I am going to list 2 weeks worth of reasons this week.

15.  His body radiates heat making him a human heating blanket.

16.  He loves, loves, loves Disneyland and will go anytime.  We have taken several trips to Disneyland each year since we were married.

17.  He is very talkative on the phone and in person.  You don't have to carry the conversation.

19.  He leaves funny, long messages on the answering machine giving me time to find the phone and answer it.  However, sometimes I'm actually not home and I just get a really long comical message.

20.  He brings us all little treats when he stops at the store...he will bring me ice cream or chocolate, he will bring each kid something they enjoy. 

21.  Although he prefers action movies and Star Wars, he will watch a chick flick with me anytime and then make fun of me for crying.  He believes that all chick flicks end at the airport with one person chasing after the is actually quite true a lot of the time.

22.  He reads bedtime stories to my 5 year old every night.  He did the same for the now 15 year old, but she has outgrown the need.

23.  He is a really good driver and does all the driving on long trips, etc.

24.  He is willing to stop off and pick up anything I need at the store or anywhere else with almost no warning.

25.  He never complains about a mess in the house.  If something he needs isn't clean, he will just wash it.

26.  He can talk just like Goofy.

27.  He persevered with me through several years of infertility and all that comes with it.  Although our infertility was on my side, he never mentioned it in a negative way or acted as though it bothered him.

28.  He changes dirty diapers.

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